Accounting monitoring

Emron undertakes the monitoring and the updating of your accounting, by making it tax informed, ready to accept any tax audit. Also depending on the future strategy of the client company volatility of accounting is being achieved in order to meet the ongoing needs of the administration bypassing obstacles due to ‘’plasticity’’ of the financial department. With readable, meaningful and understandable financial weekly reports to management content you are able to know at any time the financial position of your company forecasts 3months making long-term planning strategy for a realistic approach.

We also undertake the installation and monitoring secure remote management so that we can gather financial and other data remotely, either via laptop or mobile. In this way the administration, sales and marketing can work continuously bypassing the need for mediation of the Secretariat for the Promotion of data. This enables the decongestion of the secretariat, development or sales and marketing (as they have direct access to information wherever they are) but also to facilitate the administration.

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